Ninety days without Rudy

Today marks 3 months that Rudy let go of his body. This has been a very different grief. The intensity of pain from not physically seeing/touching him - coupled with natural regret and guilt which accompany the first part of the grieving process - has ravaged my heart. I could feel the bleeding. Sometimes I could barely breathe.

I have not been passive, though. In honor of the love we shared, I have frequently searched for information on pet grief and spiritual knowledge about the meaning of "death" and dying. I've found solace in seeing how others grieve and what they've learned from it.

A kind woman who is practicing animal communication (and whose name means "life"), brought me messages from Rudy, and that was the day I decided to rebalance the heavy weight I was carrying. It was explained to me that grief is a low vibrational state; the opposite of what souls become in the after-life, and that I would have to raise my vibration if I wanted to receive visitations from Rudy. I worked on that and, recently, he came to me in a dream. In the dream I said out loud "Rudy is here" and I could pet him; only I could see him in the dream. 💓

I love you, Rudy. We are together forever because the love we shared with easy other was pure and complete. There is no separating us because of the love we share for one another. As for my human flaws that caused me guilt, no one is keeping tabs but me. I have dumped the ledger. It's part of raising my vibration. Rudy's passing has spurred a phase of intense learning for me. He was always a great little teacher for me, and still is.


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