Cruel March

So it's March.

I just picked some daffodils from my garden, not because I like picking flowers. I don't. I always feel sorry cutting off flowers from the plant. I picked because something (an animal) decided to lie on the plants last night. Everything was bent toward the ground. 

March is so cruel. By now. all of us who are reasonable are sick of rain, winds, cold. But March brings snow too. And while those who have been in California longer than I have love the novelty of snow, I am still sick of all things winter, given that I lived nearly 2 decades in the bEast Coast. It traumatized me on more than this one level.

I really imagine that Norcal would be warmer than this in winter. And I didn't think it would be scorching in summer. But here I am, an extremist (as some name-callers do call me) in a land of extremes. 

I have artwork on eBay waiting for new homes. 


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