Discover your voice, and speak with it.

∞ “If you observe the crows, you will understand immediately. The young birds have ‘only the voice of complaint or need’. Their cries are plaintive, a kind of begging. And this is as it should be. They ‘have not yet their Voice’. What is speaking, is, in a sense, ‘the absence of voice as voice.” The sound is like they are saying ‘Maa, Maa’. A pleading.
The Voices of the adults are the opposite polarity. Their Voices are like lightning. They can pierce time, shatter fictions. When they speak, the world shakes. The sound is heard for a mile. There is a phase in the young birds’ lives where they are acquiring Voice. A transition will occur, and, in time, should they survive, they will ignite the lightning-power within them.
Now, in our people, it is different. 90% of us will never develop Voice. We will have ‘voice’ instead. That is, we will remain in the interphase, between begging, complaining, and being able to assert or speak. In this phase, we will beg, complain, or copy artifacts produced by others who either have or mimic Voice.
Thus we will not speak or originate lightning-sound, sound-of-intelligence, sound-of-truth from within ourselves, as our own Voice. The voice of an actual human being, who has developed and maintained a mind — like birds who, deprived of Voices, trade shiny tokens forged by those who had one.
And the sound is an abysmal void; for there is no ‘parent’ that comes to answer or ‘feed’ that absence. The absence of being, intelligence, relation, origination, action, agency. What comes to answer that is parasites, predators, and prospectors. Prosecutors. Police. Soldiers. Monsters come.
Alas, it is worse still, because 8% of the remaining 10% who develop Voice, are essentially converted to the producers of these tokens that the others trade, collect, pretend with, and essentially avoid their own development with. And these are called ‘stars’. People whose Voices were converted to please, entertain or ‘pop-enlighten’ those who failed to develop or acquire them.
Most of the remaining 2% will be lost, forgotten, killed, or simply perish of isolation. This, however, is a statistical perspective. What is crucial to notice, is the crows. Listen to them in the fledging season and let their sounds permeate your being and mind. The sound of the young bird, and the differences between their pleas and the lightning that emerges from their parents.
To be born is only partly human. There are many of our origin-necessities that have been obliterated, replaced, amputated, mutilated, and artifacted. Each human being must work to develop a true mind, a true body, a true voice, and we must aid and preserve this imperative together in all moments and situations. All of them. We must become true.
True to ourselves and our potentials as persons and unities. We must never allow others to speak in our place, or silence our own intelligence or creativity with their apparent skill or lightning. We must become the lightning.
Discover your mind, and with it... move the world. Move human history. Invoke a future worthy of the impossible promise of our human lives, unity, and situation.
And where you hear the mobs begging, pleading, and advertising helplessness?
Know this: predators are there. Parasites. Armies of them. Feeding. They are feeding on the absence of the lightning in the mob, an absence that allows them to gain in proportion to the assets thus compromised. And this signal becomes a frenzy, and that frenzy is contagious.
Thankfully, once initiated, so are its opposites.”
— an anonymous informant: source: crows Source: @darinstevenson

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