Cats and dogs

I was blessed with wits today; finally caught the momma cat that keeps having kittens. She will be spayed on Wednesday. She has outsmarted me many times before. Today it was my turn to be smart. But it wasn't luck...I was guided...yeah, guided because I didn't even think about it...I followed instinctive clues of what to do and BOOM, into the crate she went and I shut that door and didn't let go (as I did once before, lol, and she got out).

Caught her 2 kittens too; they are 32 days old today.

This is the 4th cat that gets fixed this year!
Amazing feat from moi - and I don't pat myself on the back too often but in this case I must. Months ago I was feeling so helpless. I didn't think I could trap cats, I didn't have the money to pay vets, and I felt immobilized and despaired. Then this cat had kittens and that sent me into panic mode bc I had already been feeding too many!

I posted a plea for help on a local FB group. A local woman has been since helping me with advice, crates, traps, and encouragement. She has also taken 2 of the cats for neutering where she volunteers, and charged me a nominal, small donation. And a local animal organization is sponsoring 3 feral S/N surgeries.

Little by little I am getting these cats fixed.
I'm not into self-aggrandizing, nor into exposing too much of my doings, but I feed about 15 cats. Some are feral, a few are almost-feral, and 2, sometimes 3, let me touch them. Only one sleeps inside. That was her own choice: after 2 years of not wanting to come inside, she walked in one day, and has been doing so since. She belonged to a neighbor who passed away and left her w/o any plan or surrogate home.

I used to be a dog person. Now I'm a cat lady too.

This is why I need your patronage. By supporting my work, you are helping me to feed all these critters and to support myself. It has been taxing; pet food has gone up considerably.

I have wanted to get another dog for protection but I need to resist. It's expensive as it is, and my hands are full. Besides, my dogs are getting old. One, particularly, my beloved boy Rudy (who was sick in January of this year and nearly died) is not doing too well. His back legs are weak, they look as if they hurt, and he seems unquiet. I have never been throuigh this situation either, of having elder dogs. The last dog I had was 40 yes ago, and he died after I had left the country (another sobbing story). There was a more recent dog death I had to crucially and unwillingly deal with where my princess was hit by a car but that's a story for, well, another time and place. One that I'd rather not talk about anymore. One that will never leave me and will always remind me that I've made really bad choices in life.

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