Living in this world is tricky.

There are the traitors. The ones you loved that left you and won't stop talking about you and assuming that the little they might still do for you is some sort of great accomplishment.They don't perceive that peanuts, crumbles, is far from the legal obligations you could pursue against them, that you don't because you value peace of mind and you are not ambitious and righteous to the point of causing further harm to yourself, The harm you enabled them to do before is over and no matter how much they try, you are committed to healing and self loving.

There are the ones who listen to the traitors, salivating for the information, so they can have fodder for gossip, as that is the only thing that provides them energy, albeit negative. Sad people, who have nothing  going on and remain small minded.

There are the ones who listen to the gossipers, and bring the sauce to you, eager to trigger you, and start the triangulating. Bitter people, who are so easily manipulated and manipulating. 

All bad.
And I turn my back on them all, disapointed that I do not have the support system I once dreamed and fooled myself thinking that this was love. It's no wonder I was confused all of the time.


My life from now on is mine. 
I am buiding a fort with tall fencing and iron gates. It's locked up and unbreakable.
Around my castle is a body of water filled with the most colorful, tame, and pretty fish.

Planted on the edges of the water are all sorts of flowers. During spring, this place is nothing short of Eden. All for me. I am the only one who has the priviledge and right to enjoy it. 

Silence is the background noise. The most pleasant noise. Over that, only birds, frogs, the buzz of flying creatures, and the occasional bark of doggos and meows of cats. They all follow me on our daily walks around the castle.

I have so much room to play. I'm remodeling it, making things pretty.
Each time I finish something, there is a wonderful process of something else making iself needful so that I always have things to do. That keeps me busy, in my  body, and my mind is free to enjoy figuring out how to best do what needs done; gone are the days when I was in panic for believing I was helpless, unlovable, and useless - all words I heard from traitors, gossipers, and triangulators. 
I'm curing trauma that broke my brain. I'm self-repairing.
In my beautiful castle.

Stick around. I will show you around. 

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