I found my copper bracelets and have been using them since I found 2 electroculture grups on facebook during the winter: THIS and THIS. I already got my copper wrapped WOODEN STICKS in my plant pots, and in the garden, on the ground. I'm not going fancy; rather, I like the simple methods: wrap the COPPER WIRE around the wooden stick, bury it next to the plant, and watch it grow fast. I have a fruit tree that I am not sure whether it's pear or apple, that's taking off and I love it. 

In fact, this  year I am FINALLY focusing on moi, and doing many things I had only planned but was too distracted to implement.

Something happened to me this month of May, on top of previous inner work; something clicked and jolted me up a few notches into a new mode. It's the time: the time to zero in on me and my home and work and move forward with JOY. I have been having great dreams too, and that's a clear sign of progress bc my dreams always tell me what's going on inside 

Weather has been funky. It's June and we are still having chillly nights. I still cannot take a hose shower (one of my most fave things to do in summer); the water is still coming out cold from the pipes. 

This painting will be on eBay this week. 👇

Listerning to this....I have had one NDE in 2011 👇

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