Need to write again

This year I intend to write more on my blog. Post more often, even if it's just sharing a video I like. 
I have been working for a long time in shrinking all the places I have a presence online so that I can focus on the ones that matter the most to me. 

I also wish to keep a record of Nature's work around me throughout the seasons. It's already almost the end of January - it's flying! Another reason this is passing so fast for me is that we have had a deluge in California since Dec 26th - nearly 3 weeks of very strong winds, flooding rains, and not seeing the sun at all! 

Constant rain, the entire time, heavy stuff, and had to keep securing stuff outside that flew away and broke anyway (lost my porch/canopy). I watched the very tall trees, again, swinging above my home. All I could do was to feel anxious and pray for my home to be protected. My neighbor had a tree fall over his home the first time the storm came by. I say first time because this thing kept coming. It was 4-5 or 6 times that a heavy band of rain drowned us. Toward the end, some 4 trees fell next door to me. One day, during a break, I had to go grocery shopping and kept shaking my head at the state of the neighborhood. Trees on the ground everywhere. Very sad. Scary. 

Then my dog got sicker. He's been presenting some aging signs. My boy is about 13 years old. There are several things that aren't right with him. He's been changing. Vet and I agree that it's signs of aging. Right now, his eyes are shut. He's getting medicated but he's blind, having to be carried outside, put in near the water bowl, the food place having to be nest to his nose, and he's been pacing at night. Last night I was able to fall asleep around 5:30 am !!! vet says the med will take 2 weeks to work. Oh my. 

Lastly, I have ear ache. My ears are clogged, making the tinnitus so much louder, and it hurts! I still haven't been able to fix this. I feel like I am under a swimming pool, which makes me feel anxious, nervous, it affects my concentration, my thinking, and I feel utterly frustrated for not hearing what's going on around me.

So yeah, last time I had a flood of poo poo like this it was in August last year. A horrible month! 
This is not horrible, per se, but it's been exhausting. 

Ok, that's it about me.

Here's my share for today: New Moon in Aquarius Oracle and Animal Guide Reading - Jan. 21, 2023
By Barb Techel

Channel description:

Nurturing Curator . Oracle Card Reader . Author . Mixed Media Artist I Help Others Deepen their Connection to Themselves, Animals, and Nature. Barb Techel

I owe this nice lady a painting. We traded. She send me her book and I'm supposed to paint her dog. I confess, this was years ago. I haen't fulfilled my part of the trade yet but it's my goal to do so this year. I have a lot to catch up with this year. January is practically gone and I need to work at focusing on what's most important. 

Oh, and I recently learned that our calendar has been messed with. We originally had 13 months and the new year starts in the Spring. That leaves me with a bit of time to create my goals and to get set into a routine. Super helpful. I don't do anything toward the end of the year because I don't celebrate any holidays. It's cool that I get to have my own new year, quietly, in 3 months. 

If you are still reading, here's a painting I have on eBay. I will start listing work again. Need to get back to my studio and work consistently, as I was doing before the deluge. Please check my eBay