I have been hopping out of bed deaf. Today I had a "surprise". My sick dog, who likely got up and, since I didn't wake up to help him outside (I did not hear him!), found the best place ever to do his biz indoors. Both, #1 and #2. It was clever of him! He used a cardboard box that I had an old pillow in, that was being used by him and the cat to sleep. Now the cat has no bed and has hopped onto my bed (first time ever). I'm already working to replace the cardboard bed situation. 

Ok so let me explain the deafness:

For over one week, all I can hear is buzzing. I have tinnitus and my ears overproduce wax. I know, TMI, right? When they clog up (it's happened before), the tinnitus gets so much louder! 

I get what's called "swimmer's ears" and this has been going on for over one week, despite my using the home remedy which is hydrogen peroxide diluted with water, and applied in the ears.

DISCLAIMER: Don't listen to me, I'm not qualified to give you advice. Reserch and decide for yourself! I did my research and I am willing to try this. The first time I tried, it almost drove me nuts bc it fizzles inside your head. 😀 But you get used to the feeling. 

I am a fan of home remedies. They work, and the only reason this is happening again is because I take the maintenance applications for granted. Right now, I can only hear about 15%. Sometimes, none at all. Probably because of head position while I sleep, mornings are worse! I get up totally deaf!  

Hence, I didn't hear my dog waking up and wanting to go to the bathroom. 

I also missed the vet office's call back yesterday. I got up and called them, and the lady said: "we called you". I said "oh, sorry, I missed that", and had to embarrassingly explain why. Then she said "did you hear my message?" [clearly, she didn't want to repeat, and I don't blame her. I don't like repeating stuff either]. I said "no, sorry, because I was just told (by the other person who answered the phone) that you called me". 

NOTE TO SELF: always check missed calls before calling people. 

Ok, why the vet? So my dog is pretty sick. I posted on my FB page but there's more that has happened since. He got sick right after the 3 week 😩, unrelenting, deluge and windstorms in California since Dec 26th 2022. T'was awful! I went from stressing about that, to stressing over my dog's health! 

I am tired! And have an extensive treatment to do with him. 
More on what happened to him later. I'm too tired to go into the results of the blood test now. 

Seriouly, now...I just looked at the date, it's been ONE MONTH since I have been occupied with STRESS on top of stress! Ugh, make it STOP! Let's start Spring, please. 

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