Summer Sun

Hello Frens

I am so tired. This is the peak of summer's effect on me even though I love summer. The temps have been on the verge and beyond 3 digits, and it drains the little energy I have.

Also, the noise of fans and AC make my brain tired. Day and night, this noise. I look forward to Autumn when I can turn all that off and sleep listening to the total silence I have here where I live. Last night I turned everything off for a few minutes and the silence was so lovely, I realized I hadn't heard it in at least 2 months!

I wrote a lot about my dogs in the draft version of this post....but I decided to remove all of it. Ya know, these days I am getting more consevative about revealing personal things online. Particularly info that can be used agaisnt me.

Once, I posted on facebook that my dog's paw was irritated. Next thing i know, animal control showed up at my house wanting to see my dog's paw. The officer said they got an anonymous report. I figured it out. A couple who were neglecting their dog, and thougth I had called animal control on them, decided to retaliate.
Their neglect was real, though. But this is what people do. BTW, nothing was done toward that neglected and abused dog. I had to endure his suffering for years,  next door to my home, until those people moved. I still think about that dog and I can't believe how the system is set up in a way that you can only do so much. It's a long, sad, upsetting story and I'm not going to get into it. 

Because of that retaliation from the bad people, I learned a lesson about sharing information. I now keep lots to myself, knowing that it's a delicate balance, this thing  of using the internet for work. 

A reminder, I have a bunch of art on eBay and listing more, as I find the energy, in between the other chores I have daily.
Pleae visit. Share with a  friend. Talk soon. 


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