No time keeping

Sunday night already. Wow.

I still remember when weekends were special, back when I did things during the week that I wasn't into, and a break woudl be a special time. Now, a weekend goes by and I hardly acknowledge because it's like any other day. I just go about my life, doing my chores, enjoying my days, and nothing "special" happens which is good by me. It means no surprises, no new things to deal with.
I like a quiet life, I appreciate it, I feel gratitude that I have it this way. These quiet times didn't come easy. I worked hard to get here. 

I am also happy that I've spend the past 2 days off social media. I've put myself under a regimen, which to follow up on the intentions I made for this year: to learn about a few topics that are very needed in my life, to improve my life in many ways.

Staying off social media will free the time and bring me the focus I need to get this underway. Shouldn't be hard to do: social media has lost what it had for me. It has always been a time killer, a source of time to waste. Something I did to avoid doing what I had to do. I now find it annoying, time consuming, deadly to my brain cells, and I am aware that I gain more by doing other things with my time.

Blogging more often is one of the things in my intention list.
One of the things it's gonna do for me is to force me to write better.
This is preparation for what will be a life of writing for "work".
It's going to take a lot of practice, and that practice is, partly, blogging.
I have written a lot for social media which the foolishness of working for free. No more.

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