What eats you?

All oils are junk food because they are processed, overheated, and we don't need oils.

Did you know?
Garlic and onions are bad too.
They destroy cells linings, and negatively affect gut biome.
Garlic goes as far as to kill your red blood cells, thus causing anemia. And I used to love both! I would add extra of both in my cooking - before I knew better!


I have learned so much since the rona-scam because I went haywire to my own self-reeducation to protect myself, as we all face this spiritual war we didn't choose to enter.

I thought I already ate healthy before 2020 but I've learned so much more, and a few great things have happened:

- I'm only buying very few grocery items now, I'm eating far more fruits and more raw,
- I'm cooking less because cooking kills the nutrients,
- I'm extending my fund$ (except that it gets balanced out since everything now costs more),
- I'm planting my greens,
- I have fruit trees growing
- I'm learning about wild foods (foraging) that are free and excel in nutrition from cultivated foods (so that what I saw as weeds in my yard have suddenly become valuable friendly plants!)
- I have a growing seed collection that I love
- I eat very little so I'm not using food to deal with emotions
- my emotions have been more balanced
- my skin looks better
- my nails grow fast and are tough.

I'm also eating a lot less "treats", like chocolate, partries, bread - which saves me money, and prevents a lot of unnatural ingredients from sickening me. My goal is to reform my taste buds which have been addicted to sugar since childhood.

Today I bought a burrito to support a local business and, as I know already, my cooking tastes a lot better. It wasn't delish; it was so bland, nothing stood out, nothing had tasty flavor. Super MEH. But I helped the dude who's trying to support his family in these hard times. It was the first time I bought food out in about 2 years!!

I'm super proud of myself, for working on and sticking to my goals.


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