The dark days

Short and fast days, but in a week the days start getting longer again. Simultaneously, rain has arrived for good, I believe, and the cold is on. These are the hardest days for a tropical gal like me but the operative now is to roll with the punches at things that are hard. 

I made so much inner progress this year. Feels as if I really evolved a bunch of notches. All the work I did before that felt like I was moving backwards at frequent times, now connected, like an engine that thinks it can. 

I'm back at work, and doing the auctions at 99 cents opening bid that I used to do in the 90s. I gotta move a whole lotta things I have sitting 'round, things I had in storage, things I started and didn't finish, ideas I never got on paper, fabric, or clay. Time to occupy the mind with beauty again. 

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