Shortest days

The first mermaid on this string of fish women is on eBay right now.

I need to paint larger mermaids (and other themes) but I still have a couple of excuses
that I'm working on. They are not excuses, really.
Rather, they are bumps on the path. Mostly, I'm lacking space.

Back when I had a dedicated entire room, it was easy to spread out.
Now I live in my studio; or you could say my home is my studio, or you could say
that a corner of my home is my studio. Thus far, I've set wall space and lacking surface space
(where the paints go, while I use them). I get exhausted planning these things
 because it does take a lot of mental energy from me.

I been working on this for a bit. Just can't find the proper way yet. This is how life has been and it's
hard to explain, and only somebody who lives in a tiny place with only the essencial
 would get me. Also, there's living on my own, and all the daily chores that, by the time I'm done,
I am tired and it's dark out.

Oh, BTW, I have to mention how the days are so short right now, and how I am so elated
that in 2 days (!) the sun starts to make his way back toward the center of the sky in relation to us.
I am simply joyful about that!

Tonight there's the beautiful last full moon of this year, which is under my sun sign, Gemini.
You are all welcome!
Don't think too hard. Rest.

This (above) is a cropped image. Please CHECK EBAY for the full painting, and others I've listed.

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