POS domain squatter

Yesterday I found on Pinterest what seems to be the POS domain squatter who jumped on my domain name, meloearth dot com, at a time when google was keeping me from getting into my account. The domain name came up for renewal and thy as I might, I could not find a way to sign in to renew it. This POS bought it, and since then we've had some exchanges that were pathetic, funny, and outrageous. I pay $12 for a domain renewal. You can google "meloearth dot com" and see how much he's asking.

A few months ago I learned that this sort o low move is called domain squatting and federally illegal. Thing is, unless you have a lawyer in the family, who can afford to do all the legal procedures to fix this wrong? I can't. So I let go.

But when I saw on Pinterest that he seems to be using my artwork without my authorization to create ads for the domain extortion I mean "sale", I mean, what a douchebag!

I swear to you that I try to like people...but time and time again I remember that it's best for me to isolate from them. And so I do.

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