Update on Angela from Tijuana

I am so sick and tired of FLAKEbook that I am gonna use my blog for the updates on the raped dog named Angela (previously Bambi) from Tijuana, Mexico.

I posted a long update on her horrific internal injuries on her FB post and my personal FB wall, only to wake up today with a warning from FB. I went ahead and posted again and now I have days of jail. 
I'm fucking done with FB for far too long and only there because people I like refuse to leave. I wish the dog rescue community would do that work elsewhere but people lose the familiarity and no one is leaving, even though they get to jail, censorship, and have to share a site that allows animal cruelty of the evilest kind, and prostitution of young people. 

So here is the update that got me in FB trouble (pathetically so!). PFFF


Her name is Angela and there's a horrific monster on the loose in Tijuana violently raping dogs.


[Warning: details about her injuries revealed]

[from a private messaging I had with her angel, Wendy Simon]


Wendy sent July 9 at 4:08 PM

Hi all, Nikki is the founder of  Mad Love Animal Rescue. Angela was going to have surgery immediately but then was suggested she get a couple other opinions. She is seeing a 3rd specialist today.

The last doctor recommended water therapy and no surgery but I felt - and Nikki as well - that it made more sense to have a hip replacement and then revisit water therapy.

The 2nd Ortho said Angela’s tail is shoved up in to her body so far that it is broken and no surgery can repair it. He said the end of the tail is broken as well. He said ALL of her organs and pelvis have been shoved forward in her belly. This, as well can not be operated on. He says it is caused a lot of nerve damage throughout the body and so Angela is on Gabapentin.

She is also on pain meds for her injuries. She can walk on her own, but is not recommended. Nikki has been taking care of her around the clock. Nikki says Angela can potty and do bowel movements on her own. Great news because she couldn’t before.

I won’t know anything more as far as which direction Nikki is going, but I am in favor of moving along quickly, especially with the surgery on femur, despite what second Ortho said.

Nikki is excited about the doctor whom Angela saw today. I won’t get a recap until the morning, but I promise you all, I will message again in the morning. With her decision. I too will be speaking with the doctor. Here’s some pics……. ❤️❤️❤️. Thank you so much for caring enough to ask about Angela and for your continued support.

This won’t be an overnight rescue. Poor Angela will have a long road ahead of her. Nikki said you can find daily updates on INSTAGRAM @Mad Love Animal Rescue. There’s probably a new update now. However, I’ll write you back tomorrow to give you the scoop first hand.

Broken femur. The thigh bone.

It’s very sad. But she’s still smiling.

And tail got shoved up inside her body.

All organs and pelvis moved forward in her body.

The doctor needs Angela to gain strength for surgery in 2 weeks. No water therapy. Tail will heal on its own, doctor said. Doctor is very optimistic that she does not need hip replacement, only surgery to repair the femur. as best he can.

He feels it will be a success.

Nikki’s excited and Angela is comfortable and taken care of by Nikki until surgery. She’s in good hands.

Q: did the bone brake during the crime? is it because he raped her?

A: Most likely

There are more detailed updates on Instagram, including a recent video of her being assisted in a walk.


Please #donate to Angela's care (she is far from heathy, her situation is serious, she just had surgery on her broken femur 7/23/2021 and will need rehabilitation. It will not be cheap! Imagine what one "man" can do...all this suffering because one monster could not simply play a prostitute or masturbate. Sorry but I have to say it just like that. This is very very upsetting to me. I wish I could show him how I feel.

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