Communism Standards Violated

See, the thing about fukbook "jail" is that it blocks all your moves.
I can't like, react, comment, post in groups, post on my wall, can't post on my page, can only PM people.

It's not social media. It's not free. It's not fun. It's a publisher and data miner. It's as if I was trying to publish my thoughts and opinions on, say, Vanity Fair. It would never let me. It's the same thing. By editing and rejecting posts, it is really a book. Not your book. Not my book. Yet, it's mining every thing we do, from a reaction, to writing and deleting (it saves every letter, word, sentence we write), to any outburst, or sadness - anything and everything we do and show of ourselves.

The technocracy has merged with pharma and word is our minds are going to be watched so closely that our thoughts won't be our own. All those prepping sci-fi movies people watched are "normal" now.

Yeah, watched a video about that today, depressing af but, hey, to the end (or will it be a beginning?) I will stand firm and not flinch. If this is a war, I've got my plan of action and guess what, it's flexible. 

NOPE! can't post my work on my page.
It's not mine.

Funds presidential campaign while saying it "won't interfere"
because gaslighting is the new black
censors fair play
blocks competing parties
promotes medical tyranny
intrudes on private medical information
baits users in giving private medical information
deletes facts that contradict its agenda
allows animal cruelty (i.e. decapitated goats, turtles eaten alive on life in exchange for money)
allows child prostitution
allows fake accounts and scams
no way to speak to a rep
no response and reporting tools don't work
deletes posts before they even go up
deletes posts as we are writing
shadow bans so no one sees you
tweaks algorithm so no one sees your posts on news feed
communist standards must be obeyed
communist standards are subjective and ever changing 

You cannot contest the accusations
mislabeling you is ok
there's no appeal process or clarification chance
there is no fairness and your "record" is stained with exaggerated
and subjective terms
It's like being called in front of a judge with mouth taped off and being accused of murder
then sent to solitary confinement
no lawyer, no trial, no innocent until proven guilty
if you may notice, the last time (this time), the top "violation" in the list below, that's a photo
of doctored faux chi man chu man that I attempted to post.
what communistic standard did I not follow?
2 days left for me to what? rethink my ways? 
what's the objective of  "jail"? I truly wonder.

Posting about this on brother-terror tech Boogle's blogger is ironic.
Remember when we all thought Oogle was the coolest thing invented?
I moved right on over, and have dumped everything I've ever done on it.
"It's good, it saves everything", I used to justify.
You need to find anything? Just oogle it. 
I haven't kooogled in over one year.

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