A basic survival skill.

Some items from the local co-op - this was when I first came to live in California.
I had good intentions. It worked for a while until life's circumstances changed and buying this way became too costly.

Forward to 2020, with cv-19 I am looking at purchasing food this way again.
I just have to be smart about menu planning and only buying what I need for a week or two, which I've already got down to  biz...having been practicing for months and doing exceptionally well when compared to before.

I've been living a life of resilience for a while, learning many skills and capacity to withstand a loss of the common comforts I grew up with - comforts that most people, like me, may have been taking for granted. At the loss of something, that's when we wake up to how much we value that thing. It may be too late, and that's another lesson: when to be ok with letting go of old to create the new.

Recipes My Recipes Playlist from YouTube.
I sometimes save meat dish recipes because I want to try The Meatless Way someday.

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I like to write, paint and observe life's twists and turns.
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