Self-knowledge is the most important activity.

Robert Greene is a very interesting mind.
A friend introduced me to his book "The 48 Laws of Power".
I need to give this guy some attention for a long period of time and get to know all his work. He sounds like a Gemini so I had to go look his bio. Cusp Taurus-Gemini. I love love love how he thinks, where his brain goes, it's quite close to how I think but he's far more articulate about it.

I love topics like this so much that I rewind in many parts just to hear that again and again and again. Somebody asked me what I do in my tiny house. Um, when one loves to learn, one only needs the Internets. What do I do? I learn like a fool. All the time there's the sound of somebody speaking from my abode. It's my learning screen, and my learning speakers and my seeking fingers.